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"Some students have just given up in this distance learning," says 11th grade co-designer Andre. "This program offers that sense of hope that students desperately need in these trying times. We're actually putting more effort into what we do because we're not getting graded, and I credit that to the design thinking process."

"A lot of kids, they just do things they think they think will help them get into college, and they're really sad about it," says Natalie, a co-designer who looks forward to working with incoming interns. "I want these students to feel the same excitement and joy in learning that I am right now -- an experience that makes them want to learn more."

"With this program, I'm learning communication skills, confidence, I'm being taught those skills here, instead of a constant focus on taking tests that really don't measure my intelligence or my aptitude for college," Andre adds.

Students' design areas vary widely. One of the co-designers is fascinated by jet fuel combustion, and that is her focus over the next several weeks. Another girl worries about anxiety and depression, and is prioritizing social emotional health and psychology. Others are examining finance and data, engineering, and interior design. One intern with an enthusiasm for politics is launching a project to register or pre-register classmates to vote.

"We're helping other students learn what they want to do in the workforce, and give them a headstart in their career," says Joseph, also a co-designer. "I think in a couple of years through this [WorkWonder], we're going to see a whole bunch of people in our local communities benefit because this program existed."

The WorkWonder Team
  • 4 - Bayha Group full-time team members
  • 8 - WorkWonder “prequel” Interns co-designed WorkWonder experience
  • 8 - Industry mentors led virtual, project-based experiences
  • 180 - WorkWonder Interns from Los Angeles County's Downey Unified School District
  • 1 - Turnover - an unusually low amount of people for a project this size. From previous Internship programs, we had expected turnover of about 3-5%

WorkWonder Intern Projects
  • Design-Thinking - finding a passion and building a product or project around it
  • Documentary Film - conceiving, filming, editing, and presenting
  • Finance and Investing - investing research and financial analysis
  • 180 - WorkWonder Interns from Los Angeles County's Downey Unified School District
  • Hip Hop - marketing and research to promote music
  • Narrative Film - conceiving, filming, editing, and presenting
  • Product invention - prototyping and concept development
  • Virtual Reality - game design and virtual reality development with Oculus headsets
  • Voices of Creativity - interviewing creative professionals, editing, and presenting findings
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